ECO 250esm

Thermodynamic Solar Panel
Height 800 mm
Width 2000 mm
Thickness 20 mm
Weight 8 kg
Accesories Attachment Set
Connections Flare SAE (threaded)
No. of Solar Panels
Solar Panels 1
Eco 250esm
Thermodynamic Block
Absorbed power 390-550 W
Supplied power 1690-2900 W
Refrigerant fluid R134a
Height 650 mm
Width 310 mm
Depth 300 mm
Weight 15 kg
Power supply 320 V/ 50 Hz
Glass Coated Steel Water Tank
Cathodic Protection Magnesium Anode
Polyurethane Insulation 30/60 mm

Safety Valve, Pressure
Reduction Valve, Gasket

Capacity (L) Nom. 250

The systems Eco 250esm, whose conception and manufacture are 100% home based, are composed of one ENERGIE's Thermodynamic Solar Panel, a tank-storage-heater, a thermodynamic block and a set of accessories for system connections and attachment to the roof.

Eco 250esm are equipment holding refrigerant fluid pre-loaded at the factory.

ENERGIE's Thermodynamic Solar Panel is manufactured of anodized aluminium of high performance and with a sokolote selective coating that ensures a long-term protection against corrosion. This equipment's panel connections are of Flare SAE type (threaded).

The storage heater's interior is manufactured of steel with enamel coating and expanded polyurethane insulation, with cathodic protection.


  A B C D E F G H 1 2 3 4 Weight
ECO 250esm 70
1500 3/4" 3/4" 3/4" 5/4" 85 kg

Domestic hot water

Hot Water in your home. From 200 to 5000 litre storage.Energie uk offers you the chance to benefit from the production of Domestic Hot Water 365 days a year with significant cost savings and a reduction in your CO2 footprint through the use of solar technology. Large Water Volumes and Swimming Pool Heating also catered for.

Central heating

Let comfort into your life through the use of cheap environmentally friendly solar panels. Use clean and low cost energy. Our thermodynamic solar system are capable of extracting sufficient warmth to hear a building to a comfortable temperature even on the coldest winter days.

heating large volumes

Efficiency and economy are the principal factors to take into account when there is a need to heat large volumes of water. The Energie system from Energie uk, as well as being a system that guarantees low energy consumption, allows the water temperature to be raised to 55ºC.

Swimming pools

The Energie solar panel from Energie uk offers you the chance to use your swimming pool year-round, with low energy consumption. Using thermodynamic solar energy to heat the weather in your pool will mean a reduction in maintenance cost and a healthier environment.